The association

This is Tranås/Ydre Släktforskarförening

Tranås/Ydre Släktforskarförening has existed since 1985 and currently has about 370 members. We are an active genealogical association operating in northern Småland and southern Östergötland. We work mainly with genealogy, but also with research on farms and homeland in general. Our activities is varied with member meetings, lectures, course activities and excursions. Nowadays we also arrange digital meetings and lectures. In Tranås we have our own premises with extensive research material. Some of the association’s activities are also located in Ydre, and usually in the library in Österbymo. We have been involved for several years during the ”American Week”, a week that goes in the sign of emigration with various activities on the theme of emigration. This week is organized by Ydre and Kinda municipalities.

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